We Bought A FlexSafe...Here's What Happened

I'll admit it, when I go to the pool or head to the beach, I "hide" my wallet and phone in my shoes.  

I know it's not 100% fail proof but I don't typically worry about it when I'm in the US.

When I travel overseas, however, that's a whole different story.

I'm not able to relax and enjoy myself because I'm always on HIGH ALERT.

So when my wife told me we were heading to a beach in Italy, I knew I needed to find a better solution so I could actually enjoy on our trip.

That's when I ran across the sounded like a good idea but I wanted to see if it actually lived up to the hype.

Spoiler Alert:  It does...and if you want to relax on your vacation, I suggest you check it out too.

What Is It?

The FlexSafe is a portable safe that allows you to secure your valuables so you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about thieves.

All you do is lock it to a stationary or hard to move object (a bike rack or pool chair will do) and head off to do your thing.

How It Works:

It's got bunch of safety features to keep your passports, credit cards, phone, and keys safe from even the most sophisticated criminals:

  1. Water resistant: so you can relax when you're near the water
  2. 5 Layers Of Fabric: so knives are NOT able to cut through it.
  3. A Heavy Duty Lock:so "smashing it open" would be a real challenge (I've tried)!
  4. RFID Blocking Technology: so thieves can't use scanners to grab your credit card info.

Basically it can stop people who think about theft in a way you and I never have...and it's a whole lot safer than keeping your valuables in your shoe.

So that's all the key information you need to know about FlexSafe...but I want to cover the #1 question I get (in case it's on your mind).

The #1 question I get about FlexSafe is: "Well couldn't they just take the chair?"

I understand the question...but let's take a second to think about thieves:

Thieves like to be ignored...walking around with a giant chair doesn't exactly allow for that.

The best advice I could give you is to lock it to something you feel people would look ridiculous trying to carry (like this guy).

I feel like that's a sufficient answer...but my wife and I wanted to put it to the test, which is why we took our FlexSafe to South Beach.

How We Tested The FlexSafe:

Before we headed off to Italy, we decided to give the FlexSafe a test run at a pool in Miami (a place known to have some shady characters).

My wife, hooked it up to a pool chair and we left...not for an hour or two but for the entire day.

We came back the NEXT morning to find the maintenance guys trying to cut it off with a box cutter (  no luck for them  ).

Safe to say, it kept our stuff safe and people out.

Since that day, we've taken our FlexSafe with us everywhere we've gone (both foreign and domestic) and it's allowed us to enjoy vacations in an entirely new way.

We're huge FlexSafe fans and we bet your family will be too.


As of today, FlexSafe is offering some special if you’re going to get one, NOW is the time.

Click here to get your FlexSafe.

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